November 15, 2013 Issue

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As a mighty wave of new billionaires crash through the art world, the fabled auction house is getting paddled by Christie's and a guy with a hedge fund
In Focus

Tall Order

A reflection of the One World Trade Center tower is seen from a terrace on the 57th floor of the soon to be opened 4 World Trade Center tower in New York, Nov. 8, 2013. 4 World Trade center sits at the south east corner of the World Trade Center site and will be the second tower to open on the site since the 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center.
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For all the talk about a pivot to Asia, the U.S. remains preoccupied with the usual suspects

Can He Rebound?

Fixing health care is paramount, but President Obama has other ways to avoid three years of nothingness

Failing Up

Congress gets an A for effort, but it wasn't able to kill the U.S. economy
Unlike any other town known as a hole in the ground, Australia's Coober Pedy really is a hole, and has two kinds of buried treasure

Vexed by Vitamins

A new report says nutritional supplements probably don't reduce the risk of cancer or cardiovascular disease

Center Stage

The basketball coach at University of California, Irvine knows that "seven" is a lucky number, especially when it is followed by "-footer"