December 06, 2013 Issue

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"I was able to obtain thousands of emails that lay out Adam Lanza's lifelong struggle with mental illness, starting with his awkward childhood and fear of being touched."

Soccer Punch

FIFA has taken heat for its decision to hold its main event in a small emirate with big money

The Hanoi Cleanse

A U.S. veterans group is moving back to Vietnam to help repair the damage, their own and a nation's
A Forgiving Man
In Focus

A Forgiving Man

Former president of South Africa Nelson Mandela chats with Britain's Prime Minister Gordon Brown (unseen) during a meeting at his hotel in central London June 24, 2008. REUTERS/Dylan Martinez (BRITAIN)
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To destroy Syria's chemical weapons, the U.N. needs the autocrat to stick around and help

Heal Thyself

An iPad-sized device is set to provide instant, accurate diagnostics for diseases like tuberculosis and AIDS
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