January 17, 2014 Issue

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The island of Jersey is a law unto itself, from helping dodge the taxman to failing to properly investigate child rape
In Focus

Ukraine Protests Spread Beyond Kiev

A pro-European protester throws a burning tire during clashes with riot policemen in Kiev, Jan. 22, 2014. The European Union threatened on Wednesday to take action against Ukraine over its handling of anti-government protests after three people died during violent clashes in Kiev.
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Beijing Bubble

To avoid the Great Recession, China heaped up a debt mountain that is threatening growth

Vive Londres!

Two hours by train from Paris is a business-friendly place young French entrepreneurs are flocking to
Scott Mitchell's team isn't ready for March Madness, but they had plenty of madness (and fun) in December

In on the Joke

Broadway audiences are lapping up plays by Harold Pinter, England's cryptic master of comic menace

Italiano? Nein.

In the Italian South Tyrol, German speakers long for when they were part of Austria