February 14, 2014 Issue

In Focus

Ukraine Protests Turns Violent

Berkut riot police hang a Ukrainian flag from a street light on Independence Square on February 19, 2014 in Kiev, Ukraine. After several weeks of calm, violence has again flared between anti-government protesters and police as the Ukrainian parliament is meant to take up the question of whether to revert to the country's 2004 constitution.
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Jihad Tourists

Western fighters in Syria get into Twitter spats, pose with AK-47s, and provide on-the-ground opinions

Obama's French Kiss

After exchanging insults for years, the two countries bury their differences as the two presidents cling to each other for reassurance

Winning Asteroids

NASA suggests praying is still our best hope for keeping giant meteorites from crashing into Earth but others are working on a planetary defense
Every year, this Florida city dresses in pirate costumes and gets falling down drunk in its search for identity

What Makes Sami Not Run?

Being the best at her sport, a great student and squeaky clean aren't enough to get her into the championships.

Words to Love By

From Valentine's Day to an Irish wake, the work of an accordion-playing transgender telegram singer is never dull