June 06, 2014 Issue

The Birdman's Vengeful Ghost

Chris Andersen was one of Denver's most popular athletes ever, until a malicious bit of catfishing portrayed him as a child molester and nearly ruined his life
In Focus

Supersize This

Los Angeles—Demonstrators outside a McDonald’s demanded higher wages earlier this month—$15 is the hourly wage fast-food workers across the country are demanding. Protests occurred in multiple American cities and internationally. Nearly a week after this protest, a demonstration at the McDonald’s headquarters in Illinois resulted in over 100 arrests. A McDonald’s representative told Reuters that while the minimum wage would, with time, improve, “$15 is unrealistic.” The median pay for fast-food workers in the U.S. is less than $9.
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A Norwegian woman is trying to stop the misery in South Sudan

Geek Mythology

Mike Judge, who can mine comedy out of both propane and the profane, has gone digital with Silicon Valley