July 04 Issue


Mission Failed

The Middle East is engulfed in chaos, with Al-Qaeda and its radical Sunni offshoots metastasizing and on the march
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Dry Streaming

Tabuk, Saudi Arabia—Dedicated soccer fans watch the 2014 World Cup Group B match between the Netherlands and Australia at a camel market. The first round of matches has broken viewing records around the globe: FIFA, soccer’s international governing body, says 42.9 million people watched the broadcast of the opening match between Brazil and Croatia; 11.1 million people watched ESPN’s coverage of the U.S. match with Ghana; and Japan’s loss to Ivory Coast was seen by 34.1 million in Japan, double the number for the next biggest sporting event there.
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Holding Peace Hostage

The kidnapping of three Israeli teens is dividing Palestinians—and puts the Palestinian Authority chief’s leadership at risk
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