August 22 Issue


Poker Face

With little more than a flick of the pen, an Obama appointee legalized online poker
Ballet Shoes
In Focus

Ballet Shoes

Dancers from the Australian Ballet practice outdoors for a production of Swan Lake in Sydney’s Capitol Theatre. Graeme Murphy’s adaptation of Tchaikovsky’s haunting score is the most popular production ever at the Capitol Theatre and has been taken on tour all over the world. The venue for this rehearsal is the Bondi Icebergs pool, while it is empty for cleaning.
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Editor's Pick

Russia Comes to Latin America as U.S. Ties Fail

“The recent visit to Venezuela by nuclear-capable bombers is a Russian reminder to U.S. President Donald Trump of what could happen if he pulls out of the 30-year-old nuclear non-proliferation START treaty,” one expert told Newsweek.