October 03 Issue

Moving Mountain
In Focus

Moving Mountain

These Iranian soldiers are wearing ghillie suits, camouflaged tent-like robes that are designed to look like heavy foliage. Usually, ghillie suits are made in shades of green to turn humans into moving trees, but these dappled colours are chosen to blend into a starker landscape of rocks and boulders. The men, seen in Tehran, are not actually going to war, but marching as part of a parade that marks the anniversary of Iran’s war with Iraq, from 1980 to 1988
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After the release of 49 Turkish prisoners, the extent of Islamic State's kidnapping is revealed – and ignored
New World
By biohacking yeast to produce opium, researchers hope to shut down poppy fields
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A new museum in Toronto aims to showcase many of the greatest treasures of a thousand years of Muslim history