October 31, 2014 Issue

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Jane Goodall, who rocked science with her chimps, is as important and mesmerizing as ever, but for a very different reason now.

How Ready Is Europe for Ebola?

In the midst of one of the most gruesome plagues of the new century, many of the world's most advanced countries have no stocks of Ebola drugs, are tortured by the ethics of using blood from survivors and are compromised by the use of experimental treatments

The Blue Bulldog

Patrick Lynch, who leads the biggest police union in the nation, thinks all the people complaining about police brutality should be afraid. Very afraid
In Focus

Keep the Faith

Jehovah’s Witnesses are celebrating the centenary of the group’s belief that Jesus Christ began ruling over God’s Kingdom in 1914. One of the biggest gatherings – more than 70,000 delegates from 60 countries – is held at the Etihad Stadium in Melbourne, Australia, where under the motto ‘Keep Seeking First God’s Kingdom’, some 500 people are baptised by total immersion.
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An examination of health, economic and education data help explain why the disease escalated so severely in three nations.