November 07, 2014 Issue

The black-market Internet is driving a flourishing and dangerous business in the collecting and selling of exotic species and their body parts.

Murdering the Invisible Man

If Pistorius didn't intend to kill his blonde girlfriend, he did mean to kill the black man he thought was hiding behind that bathroom door. In South Africa's ultra-violent society, there is an unspoken feeling that it's best not to probe such tragedies too deeply

Afghanistan's Bitter Legacy

As British troops leave Afghanistan after a conflict that has raged for 13 years, many will bring back a burden of physical and psychological damage
In Focus

Shackled Lives

Tara Banu is a 16-year-old from Pabna in Bangladesh who suffers from schizophrenia. She has tried to kill herself on a number of occasions. Her family believe they have no option other than to keep her in chains since she was discharged from a mental health institution. Mental health is largely neglected in Bangladesh, as well as other parts of South Asia. There is only one government-run mental hospital in the country and it is estimated that there is only one psychiatrist for every million people.
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