January 16 Issue

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A new book from David Foster Wallace, six years after his death, revives the debate about his greatness...and why so many otherwise smart readers can't see it.
Topsy Turvy
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Topsy Turvy

A man passes a house built upside-down in Russia's Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk. He does not seem at all fazed but, then, he might have seen it several times before. The house has become a feature - a tourist initiative for both locals and outsiders. Krasnoyarsk is on the Yenisei river and is the third largest city in Siberia with a population of more than one million. It is not an easy place to reach for tourists but the author Anton Chekhov described it as the most beautiful city in the entire region.
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On January 8 1979, Newsweek reported on the chaos that would lead to the country becoming an Islamic Republic.