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When a small-time gangster from Monrovia's ghetto was murdered, his corpse tested positive for Ebola, sparking fears of a fresh outbreak.
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Sanaa, Yemen—Rescuers uncover the body of a man from under the rubble of a house destroyed by an airstrike on March 26. Saudi Arabia and its Gulf regional allies launched military operations, including airstrikes in Yemen, to counter what they say are Iranian-backed forces besieging the southern city of Aden. Shiite Houthi militias took over Sanaa earlier this year, forcing out the government of U.S.-backed president Abdu Rabbu Mansour Hadi, who took refuge in Aden before fleeing the country. Egypt is among the Arab countries that have said they may send troops to Yemen, amid growing fears of a proxy war between Iran and Arab countries led by Saudi Arabia.
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The Congressional Black Caucus may decide whether Obama's critics nix a nuclear deal with Iran.

Stalking Jon Corzine

Meet the hedge fund manager who will not rest until the former governor of New Jersey is in prison.
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A traditional Ghanaian process produces cocoa beans with more antioxidant activity.
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Of the world's 100 fastest marathon runners, only six are not from Africa - five are from Japan.