April 17 Issue

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The soldiers who searched for him still don't know why they risked their lives.
In a State of Denial
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In a State of Denial

Little Rock, Arkansas - State Rep. Warwick Sabin shouts along with protesters opposed to a proposed religious freedom bill outside the House chamber at the state Capitol, March 30, 2015. After Gov. Asa Hutchinson voiced his opposition to a bill that opponents said would allow discrimination against gays and lesbians, a House committee advanced an amended version,which the governor signed on April 2. The Arkansas bill came less than a week after a similar bill in Indiana sparked outrage, and was quickly revised to clarify that it did not authorize discrimination. Another 14 states are considering similar legislation this year.
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As Mad Men nears its conclusion, creator Matthew Weiner reflects on his self-destructive hero and the dangers of being a man alone.