May 22 Issue

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What kind of secretary of state was Hillary Clinton? Smart and tough, and often thwarted.

Paul Shaffer: Life After Letterman

For 33 years, Paul Shaffer has been the warm to David Letterman's cool, the Ed to his Johnny and the Peaches to his Herb. So what happens when the world's greatest sidekick has to go solo?
Head to Toe
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Head to Toe

Lhoksukon, Indonesia—Nearly 600 migrants, believed to be Rohingya refugees and Bangladeshis, rest at a shelter in Aceh Province on May 11. Fishermen rescued them from two crowded wooden boats stranded off the Indonesian coast. Among the displaced were almost 100 women and children. The migrants were apparently trying to reach Malaysia, which has long attracted refugees, but a recent crackdown on human smugglers in Thailand—another popular destination—has apparently increased the numbers of those fleeing to other countries in the region.
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Refugees and child soldiers who have escaped Islamist militants in Nigeria are fleeing to Chad.
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'Good Kill' shows the hell of a drone operator's life, but refuses to go deeper into the psychological impact of killing from long distance.