September 18 Issue


Is The Pope Catholic?

Bay Area liberals who love Pope Francis and loathe their right-wing archbishop don’t understand either man, or the Catholic Church, or the battle for the soul of their city.
Baby Steps
In Focus

Baby Steps

Gevgelija, Macedonia—A policeman carries a baby to safety as asylum seekers try to enter from Greece at this border town on September 2. Tens of thousands of people—mainly Syrians—have fled violence in the Middle East and are attempting to reach Western Europe through the so-called Balkans corridor. As hundreds of desperate refugees rushed the border, some families were inadvertently separated when police allowed groups of only 50 or so at a time to pass. The EU is under renewed pressure to come to terms with the growing crisis since the publication of a photo of a 3-year-old Syrian boy who drowned and washed ashore in Turkey.
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What Is Caravan Paranoia?

"These keyboard commandos, these Walmart warriors, they go down to Cabela’s and buy all these s****y looking goods—stuff to make ‘em look good in the mirror," Robert Crooks, who leads militia group the Mountain Minutemen, said.