November 27, 2015 Issue

In Focus

Skin Deep

New Haven, Connecticut—A student walks by a college bulletin board addressing race relations and diversity at Yale University on November 12. More than 1,000 students, professors and staff gathered to discuss the treatment of minority students as colleges across the U.S. saw a wave of demonstrations over allegations of ingrained racism and ongoing mistreatment of students. At Yale, tensions came to a head over the issue of racially insensitive Halloween costumes. At the University of Missouri, the school’s president resigned after a protest in support of one student’s hunger strike against racial mistreatment and a lack of response from the school.
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India's Holy Cow Vigilantes

Muslims are being killed over beef, and India's credibility is at stake—along with a $10 billion beef, buffalo and leather industry.

Heaven for Leather

Seraphin, a Paris-based company owned by designer Henri Zaks, transforms animal skins into clothes that surprise and delight.