September 30 Issue


The Women of the CIA

These women are fighting sexism and keeping the nation safe at one of the oldest boys' clubs in the country.
No End in Sight
In Focus

No End in Sight

Douma, Syria—Wounded children receive care at a makeshift hospital in the rebel-held town of Douma after an airstrike on September 12. The attack was blamed on government forces and came on the day a cease-fire brokered by Russia and the United States went into effect. A few days later, the truce appeared close to collapse after U.S. forces accidentally bombed Syrian army troops instead of an Islamic State (ISIS) target and following continuing violations by other parties in the conflict.
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How Some Sex Workers Defy Stigma and the Law

Like other issues surrounding prostitution and decriminalization, choosing whether to reveal one’s face online is a bigger concern for well-off escorts, while poor and marginalized prostitutes have other, more pressing worries.
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Trump Makes 'Extraordinary' Claims About Queen Meeting

Trump's royal "special honor" was no more than standard working-visit protocol, royal experts say. Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams described Trump as looking as if he were “wandering down a golf course” during the honor guard inspection.