December 02 Issue


Can This Man Cure AIDS?

Dr. Louis Picker has a secret weapon to fight back against the growing AIDS epidemic—it involves herpes.
Crow: It’s What You Eat
In Focus

Crow: It’s What You Eat

Bedminster Township, New Jersey—President-elect Donald Trump flashes a thumbs-up as Mitt Romney, who was being considered for secretary of state, walks away from the Trump National Golf Club after they met for about 90 minutes on November 19. The two men traded bitter insults during Trump’s presidential campaign, with the former Massachusetts governor calling the billionaire a “con man.” Romney joined the parade of politicians and retired generals who traveled to the members-only golf club (initiation fee: $350,000) to genuflect before Trump as the president-elect filled out posts in his administration.
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Editor's Pick

Family of American ISIS Bride Suing United States

Hoda Muthana's father, Ahmed Ali Muthana, filed the lawsuit in Washington D.C., and "seeks injunctive relief preventing the United States government from unconstitutionally robbing (Muthana and her son) of their rights as United States citizens."

Scientists Slam White House Climate Change Panel

"The ice doesn’t care what this administration thinks. It’s just going to keep melting," David Titley, the director of the Center for Solutions to Weather and Climate Risk at Penn State, told Newsweek.