December 23, 2016 Issue

Cover story U.S.
The president-elect is issuing statements to world leaders that radically depart from U.S. foreign policy, and benefit his family's corporate empire.
In Focus

Last Breath

Saraqeb, Syria—A Syrian Civil Defense member climbs out of a crater created by an airstrike in rebel-held Idlib province on December 11, about 30 miles southwest of Aleppo, as troops and militias loyal to president Bashar al-Assad pushed back the rebels and regained control of eastern Aleppo. The U.S. tried to negotiate a temporary ceasefire so the remaining rebels could leave Eastern Aleppo, but Russia demanded their surrender, a legal adviser to the rebels told the AP. “This pushes us to fight to the last breath despite what we have to face,” the adviser said.
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