December 30, 2016 Issue

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The Nazis killed his parents, and three years in concentration camps almost killed his spirit, but when Henry Orenstein created some of the world's most popular toys, he proved that playing well is the best revenge.
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Bolivar of Broken Dreams

Urena, Venezuela—Soldiers prevent Venezuelans from crossing into Colombia on December 18. The country is in the grips of a catastrophic economic crisis: Inflation is rampant, cash is scarce, and many are struggling to pay for food. Days earlier, the government pulled 100 bolivar notes, its largest bills, from circulation and closed the border to stop “mafias” allegedly smuggling cash out of the country. The result: riots and a rush to the border. Soldiers used tear gas on looters in Maracaibo, Venezuela’s second largest city, and some protesters lit 100 bolivar notes on fire.
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Bernie Sanders is the star of the party, but his friend Chuck Schumer is in charge of leading the Dems through the Trumpian wilderness.

Putin's Pal

Rex Tillerson, Donald Trump's pick for secretary of state, personifies two major concerns about the incoming administration—conflicts of interest and close ties to Vladimir Putin.
When pierced by a bullet, packages in the jacket filled with life-saving drugs break open and help stem bleeding, prevent shock and lessen pain.