January 20 Issue

Our Brother, Ourselves
In Focus

Our Brother, Ourselves

Beirut—The sisters of Elias Wardini, a Lebanese man who was one of the 39 people killed in the New Year’s Eve attack at an Istanbul nightclub, mourn at their home on January 1. The Islamic State militant group (ISIS) said the attack was revenge for Turkish military operations in Syria. The Turkish government said on January 5 that police were closing in on the gunmen who attacked the upscale Reina nightclub and that he was likely from China’s Muslim Uighur minority. The deputy prime minister said, “He is a specially trained cell member.”
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Scientists Slam White House Climate Change Panel

"The ice doesn’t care what this administration thinks. It’s just going to keep melting," David Titley, the director of the Center for Solutions to Weather and Climate Risk at Penn State, told Newsweek.