March 24, 2017 Issue

Cover story U.S.
The fight over immigration is about to get ugly, and Texas is where the bodies will start falling.
In Focus

Running From ISIS

Mosul, Iraq—A man carries his daughter toward Iraqi soldiers on March 4. Iraqi forces, aided by American airstrikes, are trying to wrench the western part of the city from the Islamic State group. The fighting has been fierce, as ISIS, vastly outnumbered—and already overrun in the eastern part of the city—is using snipers and mortar rounds to maintain control of its last Iraqi stronghold. Meanwhile, more than half a million civilians are reportedly trapped in territory still controlled by the militants, as Iraqi forces prepare to enter a part of the old city, where the battles are expected to be especially brutal due to the close quarters.
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Climate of Terror

A mix of powerful landowners, cartel hit men and unsolved killings has made Mexico one of the most dangerous place in the world for environmentalism.