June 09, 2017 Issue

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Brussels—U.S. President Donald Trump greets French President Emmanuel Macron before a NATO Summit on May 25. The two shared an awkward handshake that fueled speculation about tensions between the U.S. president and his European counterparts, and Macron later appeared to dodge a handshake with Trump in favor of a hug with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. At the summit, Trump lectured NATO members on the need to spend more on defense and avoided explicitly endorsing the alliance’s Article 5, which commits all members to act in defense of any ally under attack.
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Why Germany Is Cracking Down on Fake News

Since accurate reports of sexual assaults in Cologne on New Year's Eve in 2015, there has been a "disturbing pattern" in which false stories, like the sex mob story in Bild, have focused on sexual abuse of women.