June 16 Issue

Night of Terror
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Night of Terror

London—Police lead people to safety in central London on the night of June 4, after three men in a van plowed into pedestrians on London Bridge. At least one of the men then got out of the vehicle and attacked patrons with a knife in nearby Borough Market, a popular spot for bars and cafés. All three men, who were wearing fake suicide belts, were shot dead by police during Saturday’s assault, the third such attack in Britain in three months. At least 11 people have been detained in a series of raids following the incident.
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Toxic Burn Notice

Destroying hazardous waste out in the open is banned in the U.S. One glaring exception: the military.
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The History Behind the Quidditch World Cup

Every year since 1473, according to the J.K. Rowling series, the wizards of the world have gathered to contest the Quidditch World Cup, the single most popular sporting event in the wizarding world—Gobstones championships notwithstanding.