February 09 Issue


What Is College Good For? Absolutely Nothing

For decades, conservatives have waged a lonely war on college, but they are finally winning. And they suddenly have allies from all sides, eager to tear higher education down and start over.

Did 'The Post' Get It Wrong?

In 'The Post', Daniel Ellsberg’s frustration with Defense Secretary Robert McNamara’s lies leads him to leak the Pentagon Papers. But the real story also involves the cover-up of a Green Beret murder that changed the course of the Vietnam War.
The Forever War
In Focus

The Forever War

Kabul, Afghanistan—An injured man arrives at a hospital after a Taliban attacker detonated an ambulance full of explosives on January 27. The blast, which came at a particularly violent time in the war, killed more than 95 people.
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Insult Tragedy

Lebanese director Ziad Doueiri makes films sympathetic to all sides in the Middle East conflict, including Israelis. It's not a recipe for big box office back home.
Editor's Pick

City of Hamburg Sells Refugee Houses on eBay

Prices started at $1,140 for the wooden structures, formerly used to house refugees, measuring a total of 301 square feet. The authorities advertised that the buildings could be used as a workshop, guesthouse, or even a yoga studio.