March 16 Issue


Israel’s Alt-Right Is Now Mainstream

Ben Zion “Bentzi” Gopstein's Lehava has grown into the largest radical right-wing organization in Israel, with chapters in every city and more than 10,000 registered members.
Up in Arms
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Up in Arms

Newfoundland, Pennsylvania—Couples toting unloaded AR-15 rifles packed the Sanctuary Church on February 28 to have their marriages—and their weapons—blessed by the Reverend Hyung Jin “Sean” Moon.
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Liv Ullmann: The Muse

As the world celebrates Ingmar Bergman's centennial, his greatest actor remembers life with the Swedish filmmaker.
Editor's Pick

Scientists Slam White House Climate Change Panel

"The ice doesn’t care what this administration thinks. It’s just going to keep melting," David Titley, the director of the Center for Solutions to Weather and Climate Risk at Penn State, told Newsweek.