April 13, 2018 Issue

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In Russia, Vladimir Putin's reign will continue until 2024 and maybe beyond. What will that mean for America - and the world?
Crying Foul
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Crying Foul

Sacramento, California—Stevante Clark addresses fellow protesters on March 28 in response to the killing of his brother, Stephon, an unarmed African-American who was shot by police on March 18 in his grandmother's backyard. Stephon Clark, an unarmed African American, was shot and killed by police on March 18th at his grandmother's home.
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Tourist Trap

Small groups of Westerners are heading to Damascus to see for themselves what's really happening in the Syrian Civil War. Are they truth seekers or pawns of Assad's regime?

Glenda Jackson's Brilliant Career

"I find it curious that given the advances in women's lives, contemporary dramatists still don't find women interesting," said the 81-year-old actress, back on Broadway after 30 years.