May 25 Issue


Photos: Why Are These Animals Endangered?

Tim Flach’s striking portraits of animals sought to highlight the similarities between humans and the natural world. In his latest work, he used the same method to draw attention to our effects on it.
Church and Stare
In Focus

Church and Stare

Moscow—Russian President Vladimir Putin attends a prayer service after being sworn in to a new six-year term on May 7. Putin, who has led the country since 1999, was re-elected by a landslide, in a contest critics say was marred by fraud. His inauguration came two days after police detained about 1,600 people, including opposition leader Aleksei Navalny, during anti-Putin protests.
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Party Foul

Democrats are trying to be the party of #MeToo. But for all their commendable outrage over the Eric Schneiderman scandal, their grasp on moral superiority is also tenuous.
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