August 17, 2018 Issue

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Reports of Tesla's demise have been greatly exaggerated, and that's what should worry us. Musk's bombshell about taking Tesla private was only his latest surprise.

Russia Making Moves in 'Battle for Africa'

Russia's militarized push into the devastated but mineral-rich Central African Republic is one step toward shifting Africa's power dynamic from West to East: "There will be a battle, and it will grow."
In Focus

Into the Wildfire

Redding, California—A back burn is contained on July 31 as the devastating Carr Fire roars toward nearby Douglas City and Lewiston. Since igniting on July 23, Carr has killed six people, burned over 126,000 acres, destroyed more than 1,000 homes and melted boats on Whiskeytown Lake. On August 2, an unprecedented fire tornado (a rotating column of combustion gases) ripped through the area, registering winds of 143 miles per hour—an event Governor Jerry Brown described as “unprecedented.”
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Most sources of drinking water in the U.S. are vulnerable to contamination from toxic forms of algae, and climate change might be increasing the risk.