April 12, 2019 Issue

In Focus

May Day

Brexit protesters rally around an effigy of Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May on March 23. The country has been mired in political paralysis over a deal to leave the European Union; on March 29, Parliament rejected a withdrawal agreement for the third time. The deeply unpopular May had offered to resign as an incentive for lawmakers to back her proposal, but it still failed. As of press time, the U.K. had until April 12 to propose a new way forward.
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In a renewed push for total meritocracy in college admissions, affirmative action could join legacy admissions in going by the wayside.

How Brain Scans Can Detect Suicide Risks

In the days before and after Parkland massacre survivors took their own lives, the father of a Sandy Hook victim gave a talk about brain health. He ended his own life a week later. Can brain imaging help identify people at risk for suicide?
A very strong case can be made for 12 months that included 'The Matrix,' 'Election,' 'Being John Malkovich,' 'Boys Don't Cry,' 'Cruel Intentions,' 'Eyes Wide Shut' and, yes, 'Phantom Menace.'