August 30, 2019 Issue

In Focus

Slow Burn

Protesters in Pakistan burn an effigy of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on August 16, as the United Nations Security Council held a rare meeting on the disputed region of Kashmir. India recently sparked a diplomatic row when it stripped the area of Kashmir it controls of autonomy by sending in troops, shutting down the internet and banning public gatherings
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"We have made consent out to be something straightforward, as straightforward as the single word no, but we are lying to ourselves and one another about this."

Q&A with Author Donna Freitas

"Schools are taking better measures to protect confidentiality and make the experience less intimidating. But it's difficult to understand exactly how hard it is to come forward unless you've been through it."
While most everyone is familiar with Angkor Wat, Petra or Rome's Colosseum, it is sometimes the overlooked cities—once megalopolises now in disrepair—that tell a more potent story.