April 10, 2020 Issue

In Focus

Empty Streets

Bogota, Colombia An aerial view of eerily empty streets of Bogota, a city of 10.9 million people, on March 25, after Colombian President Ivan Duque announced Decree 457, which mandates lockdown measures from March 24 to April 13. Violators of the quarantine aimed at preventing the spread of COVID-19 face harsh fines and possible emprisonment.
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Whether you prefer a coffee spiced with pepper, a half-caf venti no-foam soy latte from your favorite barista; or a coffee with cheese, here's a sampling of caffeinated rituals from across the globe.

Take a Virtual Vacation With These Travel-Inspiring Films

For now, from the safety of your couch, you can still explore the world with these travel-inspiring films. From "The Beach" to "Into the Wild", these movies have the power to take you away from reality for a few hours and let you dream of a post-pandemic adventure.