September 18, 2020 Issue

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An exclusive survey from Newsweek and LendingTree reveals how the twin crises of the pandemic and a struggling economy are changing the way we save, spend and even think about money—in ways that will last long after life has returned to a semblance of normalcy.
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High Flyer

Payerne, Switzerland: On August 25, parachutist Raphael Domjan made the first jump ever from a solar-powered aircraft. Domjan’s mission: show that sports like skydiving can be pulled off without generating greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming and as he said, to “continue to make the young people of tomorrow dream.” According to VOA News, Domjan dived from the two-seat plane after it hit 93 miles per hour and landed near the project’s base.
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CIA Directors are Not 'Yes-Men'

"Right now we are suffering the catastrophic consequences of a president who paid no attention to the CIA's warnings about a coronavirus....CIA directors must be prepared to resist presidents who trample the rule of law."