February 04, 2022 Issue

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Bronx Tragedy

NEW YORK CITY Emergency first responders remain at the scene after a fire caused by a malfunctioning space heater at a 19-story residential building. The fire erupted in the morning on January 2, and some 19 people died in the blaze—the city’s deadliest since 1990, according to officials.
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In a time of rapid globalization, UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage list serves to recognize and celebrate cultural diversity and highlights how traditional ways of life interact with the contemporary world. From the navigation skills of Micronesian wayfarers to a thousand-year pottery tradition carried by women in northern Peru, here's a snapshot of this year's list.

22 Books to Look Forward to in 2022

Newsweek has recommendations for enticing new reads coming out in the next few months. Reserve these 22 picks at your library or pre-order now so you'll have a steady supply of great fiction and nonfiction to start 2022 off right.

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