Amber Heard Private Jet Rumors Spark Backlash Amid Financial Woes

Amber Heard is trending online yet again, this time because she was reportedly seen boarding a private jet despite claims she'd made about her finances during the Johnny Depp defamation trial.

Pictures allegedly showing Heard boarding a private jet became a huge talking point online as the fallout from the Depp vs. Heard trial continues. Depp won the multi-million dollar lawsuit against his ex-wife, which came about as a result of a 2018 op-ed she wrote stating she was the survivor of domestic violence.

During the trial, it was revealed that Heard had not donated $7 million of her divorce settlement to charity as she'd stated. When asked why she had not paid the money, she stated: "I have not been able to fulfill those pledges because I've been sued."

"Can't afford to pay what she now owes Johnny Depp and has to either appeal or declare bankruptcy," one Twitter user stated, summing up Heard's current economic situation. They then added: "Also Amber Heard: forks out ridiculous sums of money to keep flying on a private jet."

After the verdict was announced, Heard's attorney, Elaine Bredehoft, publicly stated that her client can't afford the $10 million she is expected to pay Depp. On the Today Show, when asked if Heard can afford it, Bredehoft simply replied with "absolutely not."

The revelation, mixed with the reports that Heard flew on a private jet, as reportedly seen in images shot by The Image Direct and Backgrid, hasn't gone down well on social media.

Twitter user @EllieNeal1 got over 10,000 likes for highlighting that Heard allegedly used a private jet, has a "flash house" in Virginia, a book deal, a role in Aquaman, and has bought a new house. Meanwhile, mocking Bredehoft, they wrote, "No she doesn't have the money to pay!!!!" The user then went on to urge Depp to seek out the money owed to him, and not to make a deal, as has been suggested.

"This was never about money for Mr. Depp," his attorney Ben Chew told Good Morning America. Host George Stephanopoulos asked if it was possible that there could be a settlement where Heard foregoes the appeal in return for Mr. Depp waving any monetary damages. Chew said he couldn't address that directly, but added: "This was about restoring his reputation and he has done that."

Another Twitter user has accused Heard of trying to "gaslight the world" with her recent alleged trip on a private jet.

"She claimed she was abused & lied. She claims poverty yet jets around in a private jet. She claims to represent DV survivors but is ok with employing David Shane," tweeted @K32fce, referencing allegations made against founder of Shane Communications. "Amber Heard does not represent all women especially me," The Twitter user added.

Former NBC executive Mike Sington weighed in on the allegations of private jet-setting made against Heard too. "Amber Heard is supposedly broke, and owes Johnny Depp $8.35 million, but she just flew into New York for the day, then back to Virginia, on a private jet, he wrote.

Newsweek has reached out to Amber Heard's representatives for comment.

Amber Heard and a private jet
Amber Heard seen next to an inset file photo of a private jet. Social media users are criticising Heard for allegedly taking a private jet after she lost her defamation trial against ex-husband Johnny Depp. Rod Lamkey / Robert Alexander/Getty Images