Amber Heard Ranks Higher Than Vladimir Putin on Most Hated People List

Amber Heard has made it to a list ranking the most hated individuals living in 2021—even outranking Vladimir Putin.

The Aquaman star has been a target of endless scrutiny in recent months during her court battle with ex-husband Johnny Depp, and one list from outlet The Top Tens lists Heard as more hated than the Russian president who waged war on Ukraine earlier this year.

The list made it to Reddit where it has sparked a conversation about Heard's treatment on social media.

"Sorry, but this made me cry. Why is she hated more than a man who started a literal war for no apparent reason and is committing war crimes daily?" reads one comment "This is so f**ked up. It's truly a witch hunt and f**k anyone who participated in it."

While another added: "People love having a woman to hate."

amber heard most hated vladimir putin
A top 10 list has actress Amber Heard ranked more hated than Russian President Vladimir Putin. Left, Heard departs the Fairfax County Courthouse on June 1, 2022, in Fairfax, Virginia. Right, Russian President Vladimir Putin touches his tie during the Powerful Ideas For New Times Forum on July 20, 2022, in Moscow, Russia. Rod Lamkey/Consolidated News Pictures, Contributor/Getty Images

Heard's representatives declined to comment on the list.

The actress faced severe scrutiny during the multimillion-dollar defamation trial which ended in a jury finding she defamed Depp with actual malice and awarded him more than $10 million in damages for defamation following an op-ed she wrote in 2018 alleging to be a victim of domestic violence.

Throughout the trial Heard was relentlessly mocked on social media by ardent Depp supporters, and her recent post-trial interview with NBC's Savannah Guthrie has seen the mockery continue.

Emotional testimony from Heard alleging she was hit by Depp was even turned into a viral TikTok trend.

The onslaught of criticism Heard has faced during her trial even previously sparked comparisons to the public mockery Britney Spears was once subjected to during her own tribulations.

The Reddit discussion about this list comes just days after the release of a report that found Heard was subjected to intense trolling during the defamation trial against Depp.

A judge dismissed Amber Heard's request for a retrial and dismissed the claim that a juror in the defamation trial committed fraud. In this photo, actor Amber Heard testifies in the courtroom at the Fairfax County Circuit Courthouse in Fairfax, Virginia, on May 16, 2022. STEVE HELBER/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

The findings from a report by Bot Sentinel, a nonpartisan group dedicated to uncovering and exposing online bots, and how they're used uncovered some disturbing statistics about how Heard was targeted on platforms like Twitter and TikTok during the trial.

"What we observed was one of the worst cases of cyberbullying and cyberstalking by a group of Twitter accounts that we've ever seen," the report states, and noted that 627 accounts were created for the sole purpose to tweet on the defamation trial and about Heard and her supporters.

"The abuse and targeted harassment continued well after the Depp vs. Heard trial ended, and unless Twitter takes action, the abuse and targeted harassment will still continue," the report states.

Yesterday, Heard officially filed a motion to appeal the defamation trial ruling she lost to ex-husband Depp.