David Miliband

A Financial 9/11

The energy crunch fed the credit crunch, because oil represents a third of the U.S. trade deficit.

Last Word: David Miliband

It was a busy week for David Miliband, Great Britain's youthful new foreign secretary . On Tuesday, the 42-year-old addressed the Labour Party conference, acknowledging the successes and "scars" from 10 years of Labour government and saying that Britain must strengthen its links with the United States and the international community to address the worlds' problems.

Kyoto Can Be Made to Work

Climate change has become a "threshold issue." Deny the evidence, ignore the problem, and you look like a Luddite. The new report of the International Panel on Climate Change confirms the scientific consensus: global warming is happening and its consequences will be severe, unless action is taken.The European Commission proposes unilateral cuts of 20 percent in European emissions from 1990 levels.

Time to Accept The Obvious

Climate change raises issues of science, economics and politics. By the month the debate moves on: 2007 will be a key year. And the science is now unambiguous.