Candace Owens Says Juneteenth Gives Black People 'Perpetual Victim Mentality'

Conservative political pundit Candace Owens said she won't be celebrating the new federal holiday of Juneteenth, suggesting that the move to commemorate the end of slavery in the U.S. is just the Democrats trying to "repackage segregation."

In a series of tweets posted after President Joe Biden signed the bill officially making June 19 a national holiday, Owens said she will only be celebrating Independence Day on July 4 instead of the date on which the last slaves were told they were free in 1865.

Owens also suggested the holiday will train Black people to see themselves as "being separate from America" and that the move to recognize the June 19 holiday only came about because the Left started "making up random celebrations" after Donald Trump got permanently banned from Twitter.

"Juneteenth is soooo lame. Democrats really need to stop trying to repackage segregation. I'll be celebrating July 4th and July 4th only. I'm American," Owens tweeted.

"It took all of 2 years for Democrats to train black Americans to worship criminals like George Floyd, beg for violence on the streets via 'defund the police' and to celebrate segregation in the form of 'black Independence Day'. I just cannot comprehend the rampant stupidity," Owens added.

"Every single race has been enslaved at some point in human history. Africans are STILL enslaved today.

"This is not a holiday. This is more emotional training from Democrats to see ourselves as somehow separate from America. Independence Day is July 4th. The end."

Owens then continued to attack Juneteenth and "segregationist" Biden, suggesting that choosing to remember the "terrible toll that slavery took on the country—and continues to take" is an example of "emotional programming for black people that choose to opt in to the perpetual victim mentality."

In another tweet Thursday, Owens wrote: "This is your daily reminder that immigrants from Africa as well as the Caribbean are among the most successful ethnic groups in the country.

America doesn't discriminate against people based on skin. Black Americans are just focused on meaninglessness like 'Juneteenth.'

"Twitter is literally so boring without Trump. It's just demented leftists making up random celebrations and trends like, HAPPY TRANSGENDER GYMNAST AWARENESS MONTH!"

The House voted overwhelmingly to pass Senate Bill 475, entitled the "Juneteenth National Independence Day Act," by a 415-14 on Wednesday. All 14 of those who voted against recognizing June 19 as a federal holiday were Republicans.

One Independence Day for Everyone

Explaining why he voted against the bill, Representative Chip Roy said he took issue with the name and claimed creating another Independence Day based on the end of slavery "needlessly divides our nation."

"We asked Democrats to work with us on the floor to change the name to one that properly recognizes the importance of the day without creating a separate 'Independence Day,' however, Democrats refused," Roy said in a statement.

"As a country, we must stop dividing ourselves by race and unite in our common pursuit of the ideals set forth in our Declaration of Independence that all men are created equal."

Arizona representative Paul Gosar claimed Juneteenth is "more debunked Critical Race Theory in action" and that he doesn't support the new holiday because it "tears us apart."

Gosar added: "I cannot support efforts that further racial divisions in this country. We have one Independence Day, and it applies equally to all people of all races."

Owens has been contacted by Newsweek for further comment.

Candace Owens juneteenth
Candace Owens is seen on the set of "Candace" on May 17, 2021, in Nashville, Tennessee. Owens said she will not be celebrating the new federal holiday of Juneteenth, claiming it helps train Black people to see themselves as "separate from America." Jason Kempin/Getty Images