Woman Blaming Father and Son Camping Trips for Cheating Sparks Fury

A cheating wife has sparked anger online after blaming her husband's frequent camping trips with their son for her adultery.

Infidelity can be motivated by a variety of reasons. A 2020 study by psychologists from the University of Maryland identified eight key reasons why people cheat. They included self-esteem, anger, low commitment, lack of love, sexual desire, neglect, a need for variety and situation or circumstance.

One woman who was caught in the act by her husband and son cited "neglect" as the chief reason behind her cheating. More specifically, she blamed him for going on too many camping trips with their son.

It was a claim few on social media were buying.

In a post upvoted over 13,000 times on Reddit, her husband, writing as WastingRage, explained that his wife has never been a fan of his camping trips but that he sees it as an opportunity for "bonding time" with his son. "This is a big hobby for me and I want to share it with my son," he wrote.

However, when he suggested to his wife that he take their boy camping this past weekend, she was surprisingly receptive to the idea.

"Usually we argue a lot about my trips especially if I request to bring our child, but this time she was oddly cooperative about the whole thing, but still insisted she wouldn't join us," he said.

Happy that they appeared to have found "common ground," he and his son headed off together for what proved to be a "great trip." Yet upon their return the dad said he was shocked to discover "a naked man" in his bed.

"I recognized him as my wife's coworker whom I have met numerous times at her work functions," he said. An angry confrontation ensued, with his wife telling him "it's not her fault" as he is "barely around" and camps "so much" even though he claimed to "hardly go on trips anymore."

"That's what drove me to do this," she allegedly said. "Your neglect to this family."

Now stuck staying at his parents with his wife refusing to speak to him or let him see their son, the man said he was beginning to wonder "maybe it is my fault." But, for the majority online, that could not have been further from the truth.

Hentai_Yoshi commented: "You shouldn't feel bad. She's full of s***...she's the one who should stay away from your son" with SpinachSpinosaurus writing: "That's A-Class narcissist behavior, blaming somebody else for their own mistakes. Don't let your kiddo grow up within her vicinity."

JackNuggett was similarly infuriated, responding: "You are being gaslighted 100 percent. I am angry for you" while blackbirdb**tard said: "cheating spouses absolutely lose their s*** when caught, and try to take you to the cleaners while blaming you because they're too weak to handle facing what they did."

Ersul010762 added: "She doesn't realize what a wonderful father you are to do that with your son... She's a spoiled brat. You're lucky to be rid of her" while TheRealRickC137 was one of many Redditors to advise: "Lawyer up. It's expensive but you'll need one. Work out a separation agreement and both sign it."

Newsweek has contacted WastingRage for comment.

A camping trip and a cheating woman.
A file photo of a father and son camping alongside one of a woman caught with another man. A cheating wife has blamed her infidelity on her husband's constant camping trips with their son. Solovyova/AndreyPopov/Getty