Professor Slammed Over 'Affair' With Student 28 Years Younger Than Him

A university professor has been criticized online after his wife shared his alleged "emotional affair" with a student in a popular online post.

The wife took to forum Mumsnet to gain insight on her unique dilemma after she said she received messages from the student confessing their relationship. Despite it never being sexual, the "emotional affair" lasted three years.

According to the post, the student contacted the wife after finding herself suddenly blocked by her professor. At 28, the student is half the age of her 56-year-old professor.

"This woman has said things in the message that there is no way she could know about unless he'd told her. Personal things about me, our marriage and our children," wrote the wife. "She claims that they never slept together but that they were involved emotionally and there was definitely a sexual element to it in that they fancied the pants off one another and that they had things in common."

College professor and student
Stock image of a college professor and a student. Getty Images

After a confrontation, the husband admitted to it but claimed that the student was "mentally unwell" and leaned on him for support.

"Even after she graduated, they carried on seeing each other. He's been to her house several times. They've been on days out together. She said that he told her that he loved her. He said that she was obsessed with him and the only reason he carried on is because he was afraid that she would kill herself."

Despite the relationship remaining emotional only, the effects were still visible in the wife's upset. According to research, women are left far more hurt by emotional affairs than men are. One survey by Victoria Milan, a dating site for affairs, found that 69 percent of women said emotional affairs are worse than sexual affairs while 72 percent of men said the opposite.

The post gained over 260 replies and, unsurprisingly, the overwhelming response favored against the husband, with many slamming him for his actions and apparent "excuses" for it.

"You kick his lying a** out the door," instructed one Mumsnet user frankly.

Another noted: "It was forbidden to have relationships with students where I worked even though they were all 18 plus and would have led if known about to a disciplinary.

"Your husband is a professional disgrace as well as a cheat. I am never one to LTB freely but I can't see a way back from this without it wrecking your head. She wants to hurt him but it's sadly hurt you. However, getting rid of him is in your best interests. See a solicitor and reach out to friends in real life and on here."

"He's shown himself to be untrustworthy and frankly, quite disgusting," agreed another user in a following comment. "He continued to pursue/enjoyed the pursuit of what he's claiming to be a mentally unstable student of his. What a prince to take advantage of someone he claims to be mentally unwell AND someone he is above in the hierarchy of schools."

"Foul," they added. "You'll have to decide if you can still look at him, let alone live with him. This is who he is."

Others, however, passed the blame onto both parties involved, citing that despite the woman being a student, she was not young. "I can only laugh at those who believe 28 is simply too young to know what one is doing and to be able to control oneself around almighty college professors. C'mon now," wrote one user.

"They're as bad as each other," wrote another. "You have proof that he was asking for nudes too... it doesn't get much worse. The lack of sex means nothing—he was sneaking around behind your back with another woman. It's enough. He's disloyal, dishonest and can't be trusted.

"You do need some time before deciding what to do though. Do what feels right for now, but know what you need to do in the long term... you can never trust him again."

The wife is yet to share an update on her actions towards the husband, but noted in a comment that the woman "doesn't seem unhinged in the slightest" and that she surprisingly holds "no bad feelings towards her."