Donald Trump Said He'll Return, but Most Think He Shouldn't Be Allowed to Run Again

Donald Trump hinted at his future plans as he told supporters on Wednesday: "We will be back in some form." However, recent polling indicates most people across the country hope that he won't be back in the form of a presidential candidate.

In a recent YouGov/The Economist survey, 55 percent of those asked said they did not think he should be able to run for office again. Even among those who voted for Trump in 2020, 12 percent said they did not think he should be able to. And 20 percent of Republicans asked also opted for this answer.

The question was put to 1,495 respondents overall in polling carried out January 16 to 19.

Trump's comments made in his last hours as president ahead of Joe Biden's inauguration come with continued speculation of him running for the presidency again in 2024.

Previous polling has put him as a frontrunner in terms of who Republicans do want as a candidate. While there has been some backlash against him from members in his own party, many also still believe the GOP is improved for his involvement in it.

Trump has made it clear he feels he has unfinished business, having told supporters the end to his term is just the beginning for their movement.

He has previously hinted at running again in 2024, having said he would consider this if his bid to alter the outcome through citing widespread election fraud failed. That effort did prove fruitless and there was no evidence of irregularities on a scale which would have altered the presidential election outcome.

"I will always fight for you. I will be watching, I will be listening. And I will tell you that the future of this country has never been better. I wish the new administration great luck and great success," he told supporters.

"I think they'll have great success, they have the foundation to do something really spectacular."

Trump would at present be able to run again in 2024. A person can serve as president for two terms, which do not have to be consecutive.

However, he could be barred from running again. He faces a Senate impeachment trial, which could vote to convict him and block him from holding office again in future.

These would be two separate votes. He became the first president to be impeached twice, in the aftermath of the violence of November 6. He has condemned the actions of his supporters who stormed the U.S. Capitol, though has faced a continued backlash over his actions surrounding the events.

Newsweek has contacted the Trump campaign for comment.

donald trump at joint base andrews
President Donald Trump speaks to his supporters prior to boarding Air Force One to head to Florida on January 20, 2021 in Joint Base Andrews, Maryland. He told supporters: "We will be back in some form." Pete Marovich/Pool/Getty Images