Internet Howling After Man Leaves Single AirPod 1,000 Miles Away: 'Tragic'

If you've ever left something behind on vacation you'll understand just how frustrating it can be, but one lost item has captured viral online attention, after the owner shared how they lost a single headphone in Spain, returning home with just one.

Elliott Stirrop is from Birmingham, U.K., and was visiting Barcelona for this year's Primavera Sound festival.

After returning home, he shared a screenshot of Apple's Find My function which allows users to track their items from AirPods to iPads at the touch of a button.

But, in the picture that has captured so much attention on Twitter, it was revealed that one AirPod was in the U.K., and the other stuck in Spain.

AirPods separated by thousands of miles
A viral Tweet has left the internet in stitches after a man shared how he left a single headphone thousands of miles from home. ellx_tt/Twitter

"I think I lost it in the Tyler, The Creator mosh pits. I realized while I was there but only remembered I could track it yesterday," Stirrop told Newsweek.

"When I saw the map I just thought it looked really sad because they shouldn't be separated like that," he laughed.

"That's really tragic," said one reply on the viral Tweet which now has over 30,000 retweets and more than 320,000 likes.

Another reply joked that it was a "long-distance relationship."

Apple's Find My app helps users make it easy to keep track of Apple devices, locate items with an AirTag attached, and keep track of friends and family. Even if your missing devices are offline, it remains possible to track a device.

"Looks like we could enjoy a nice stereo in Munich," joked another commenter in the replies.

"Dude, I thought it was bad when one was under the bed and the other was under the sofa," said another reply.

"I honestly don't know which AirPod I would rather be," said another reply.

The AirPod's adventures capturing so much viral attention has shocked Stirrop, who said: "I woke up and it had gone crazy overnight. I don't mind though, the jokes in the comments are worth it."

Apple's AirPods Pro retail for around $199, but Stirrop says he will be replacing his as soon as possible: "I use them every day and take them everywhere with me. In the four years, I've had them this is the first time I've lost one."

Meanwhile, other Twitter users shared similar experiences, posting screenshots of times they misplaced their headphones. From AirPods left in different states to devices in completely separate continents, it seems that the ability to track your devices doesn't always prevent owners from leaving them behind.