Madison Cawthorn Calls Joe Biden 'Geriatric Despot' Over Troop Deployments

Rep. Madison Cawthorn called President Joe Biden a "geriatric despot" and an "idiot" on the floor of the House of Representatives on Wednesday and suggested the president should be saluted with the middle finger.

The Republican, who represents North Carolina's 11th congressional district, was objecting to the deployment of U.S. troops to Europe amid ongoing tensions along the Russia-Ukraine border.

The U.S. has warned that Russia is preparing to invade Ukraine and has amassed more than 100,000 troops along the countries' border. Some 2,000 U.S. troops based in North Carolina are preparing for deployment to Poland and Germany.

"Madam Speaker, the sons and daughters of America are not foot soldiers for your party's inept geriatric despot," Cawthorn said in the House.

"They are not expendable pawns to be dispatched at the whims of an idiot, tossed carelessly around the world to godforsaken caves and bloody sandboxes," he said.

"They are Americans, worthy of honor and dignity. The only salute from them Joe Biden deserves involves one finger," Cawthorn said.

Cawthorn said that "American blood is not the currency of the world" and referred to the deaths of 13 U.S. service members in a suicide bombing in Kabul on August 26, 2021 during the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The Republican went on: "The path to American national security does not lie in American international interventionism."

"It lies in securing our southern border—not the Russia-Ukraine border," he said. "Our greatness is forged in our resistance to interference. The war lobby has no ally in the America First Republicans. We will preserve our strength through nationalism. We will champion America First today and America First forever."

"We earned our greatness, let others earn theirs," Cawthorn said and suggested that former President Donald Trump would return to office.

Newsweek has asked the White House for comment.

Around 2,000 troops based at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, are readying themselves for deployment to Poland and Germany this week, while President Biden is sending part of a Stryker infantry unit based in Germany to Romania. That deployment will consist of around 1,000 troops.

There are already between 75,000 and 80,000 U.S. troops in Europe. The Pentagon placed 8,500 U.S.-based troops on "heightened alert" for potential deployment on January 24.

The Biden administration has warned that Russia is planning to invade Ukraine, which the Russian government has repeatedly denied.

Cawthorn, a freshman member of Congress, has proven a controversial figure and he has been a staunch supporter of former President Trump. He also voted in favor of objecting to the Electoral College votes from Arizona and Pennsylvania on January 6 and 7, 2021, when Congress convened to certify Biden's win.

The Republican told The Daily Caller this week: "Trump is like a father to me, I get to talk to him every single day. He's incredible, he's a genius."

"Being 26 years old obviously I don't have a ridiculous amount of experience with dealing with foreign policy, so if I can just call the former president of the United States and say, 'hey, what would you do in this situation?' and he can tell me exactly what the whole background is to it," Cawthorn said.

Composite Image Shows Cawthorn and Biden
A composite photo shows Representative Madison Cawthorn (L) and President Joe Biden (R). Cawthorn has called the president an "idiot" and criticized troop deployments to Europe. Getty Images