People Are Just Realizing the Lid Hats on Tequila Bottles Have a Function

There's a time and a place for tequila shots, which is usually 2 a.m. in a dimly lit room somewhere.

Despite drinking the spirit for years, some alcohol fans have only just discovered the lids of the Sierra tequila bottles, which come in the shape of hats, serve an actual purpose.

Nino Purtseladze, who calls herself realrijaxa online, shared a video on Wednesday that has already been watched more than three million times, after finally realizing the hats are more than just decorative.

It shows Purtseladze with a bottle of the alcohol sporting its trademark hat, which varies in color depending on what variety you're drinking.

It shows her pouring salt into the hat's wide brim. She then grabs a shot glass and rubs a lime wedge around the rim, as is tradition.

Purtseladze then salts the rim by dipping it into the hat brim—demonstrating how its size perfectly matches a standard shot glass.

"Life hack I guess," she captioned the clip.

People have been going wild for the tip online, claiming they never realized the hat had a functional use.

"Who knew!! Game changer," raved Blake Roberts.

AlexiLu said: "Omg a genius."

Billy Jose commented: "My whole life is a lie."

Surprised, Raymund Galindo wrote: "Hahah oh my! So... that has purpose?"

Vika Wilwer admitted: "This makes so much sense wow."

Bram's Crighton commented: "You're joking how did I not process this."

"No way I've drank this for 30 years never knew," Kerry Latimer said.

While Nils revealed the hat could have a second function, saying: "The hat is actually a lemon press."

It seems they're not the only ones using it on citrus fruit, as Skyleejeffrey commented: "I thought it was for juicing a lime but this makes more sense.

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Newsweek reached out to Purtseladze for comment.

Product images of Sierra Tequila bottles
Product images of Sierra Tequila bottles. A drinks fan has just realized their hats serve a functional purpose. Sierra Tequila