How to Earn Flower Coins in 'Pikmin Bloom'

Collecting Flower Coins in Pikmin Bloom is a relatively easy process, with you currently having two different options for padding your in-game wallet.

Pikmin Bloom is a free-to-play augmented reality (AR) game, in a similar vein to The Witcher: Monster Slayer or Pokémon GO. It is even made by the same developers as the latter title (Niantic) and features many overlapping systems and mechanics.

Given that you are not charged for downloading Pikmin Bloom in the first place, the app must rely on micro-transactions to generate its revenue.

As far as these things go, the monetization tactics here are quite simple at launch. There are no controversial loot boxes or gacha mechanics, and you just pay for things in straightforward transactions instead.

Not only that, but there is only one currency in circulation at the moment, which is rare for a mobile title. Free-to-play games like this will often overcomplicate their economies by having multiple traders that only accept certain types of coin or precious resources. For example, in Pokémon Unite you have separate shops for unlocking characters, fashion items and cute little accessories for your fighters, and each of them demands that you pay with a unique kind of "ticket."

On the other hand, in Pikmin Bloom you only have to worry about collecting "Flower Coins" (at least for now).

What Do Flower Coins Buy You in 'Pikmin Bloom'?

The main use of Flower Coins is that they can be spent on nectar, which is itself a valuable resource in Pikmin Bloom.

With nectar, you can help your pint-sized allies flourish (or "Bloom"), at which point a colorful flower will sprout from their head. You can then gather their petals and scatter them around the world in order to nurture a beautiful garden for other players to see.

It is worth pointing out that there are other ways of accumulating nectar in the game. For instance, you can send your Pikmin out on expeditions to search for it, or you can harvest it from fruit that you find while out and about on adventures.

However, spending Flower Coins is certainly the most efficient way of building up your nectar reserves. They can also be used to accelerate the growth of your seedlings.

Pikmin Bloom Screenshot
Flower Coins can be used to buy nectar which, in turn, helps you get petals for growing your garden. Niantic

How To Earn Flower Coins in 'Pikmin Bloom'

Flower Coins are a premium currency in Pikmin Bloom, which means that you can exchange them for real-world money. You can buy coins from the in-app store in deposits of either 100 ($1.49), 550 ($7.99) or 1,200 ($14.99).

Alternatively, if you do not like the idea of spending actual money then you can just earn Flower Coins organically by playing the game. Much like a health and wellbeing app, Pikmin Bloom logs how many steps you take in the real world and will intermittently reward you for traveling certain distances. It also gives you coins for planting flowers as well.

As the game launches in more territories, it is expected that it will also start to offer timed challenges and events, which will give you even more opportunities for receiving coins.

Speaking of which, Niantic's big money-maker, Pokémon GO, is currently running its own limited-time celebration for Dia de Muertos.

Pikmin Bloom is having a phased global rollout. In North America, it is now available to download on iOS and Android devices.

Pikmin Bloom Screenshot
Your Flower Coin deposits can be found in the top right-hand corner of the screen. You can top up your wallet via microtransaction purchases, or by just playing the game. Niantic