Ron Johnson Told To Resign, Called 'Traitor' in 2022 Rival's Billboard Attack

A potential rival to Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) has bought a billboard advert urging him to resign from his position in the upper chamber.

Johnson's seat will be up for a vote in 2022, though he has not confirmed publicly whether or not he will run again.

However, Thomas Nelson has said he will run for the seat, telling Johnson in a tweet: "Resign now or I will defeat you in 2022."

The billboard shows a photo of Johnson with "resign" in capital letters across his forehead. It also reads "treason Johnson," with the R, O and N highlighted in red in "treason." Underneath is a link to a website,

This site states: "Senator Ron Johnson has displayed zero conscience or remorse for his part in the deadly Capitol insurrection or the mass suffering he has helped inflict on Americans.

"We bought this billboard just miles from his home to make it clear that the people of Wisconsin are fed up with treason and cruelty."

The billboard is not the first advert targeting Johnson, with Democrats in Wisconsin having spent more than $100,000 on a new TV attack ad last month.

Johnson was among a number of Republican senators who chose not to congratulate Biden after his victory was initially called.

He was among a group of Republicans in the upper chamber who announced on January 2 they would vote to reject some states' Electoral College votes when Congress met to certify them on January 6.

Ron Johnson is a traitor and everyone in Oshkosh and Northeast Wisconsin knows it.

This billboard isn’t going anywhere. It’ll be waiting for you when you get home. @SenRonJohnson: Resign now or I will defeat you in 2022.

— Thomas Nelson (@NelsonforWI) February 11, 2021

However, after the storming of the Capitol he chose against objecting to Arizona's votes when Congress resumed to certify the Electoral College ballots.

He later released a speech he had intended to give on Arizona, had the violence not broken out, alongside comments condemning the events of January 6.

"Those who have lost confidence are not crazy. They are patriots who dearly love America and are alarmed by what they have witnessed over the last four year," this said.

The president and his allies long persisted that fraud and other aspects of foul play facilitated Joe Biden's victory in the presidential election. There is no evidence of irregularities on a scale that would have changed the election outcome.

The president is currently facing his second Senate impeachment trial having been impeached by the House on a charge of incitement of insurrection. Johnson has spoken in opposition of this.

A number of other lawmakers who backed Trump's election fraud claims are also facing a sustained backlash and calls to resign.

Newsweek has contacted Johnson's office and Nelson's campaign for comment.

senator ron johnson at senate committee
Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) speaks as Neera Tanden, nominee for Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), testifies during a Senate Committee on the Budget hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. on February 10, 2021. He has been targeted in a billboard attack ad by a potential 2022 rival. Anna Moneymaker/Pool/AFP via Getty Images