9 Incredible Secret Rooms People Found in Their Homes

Many homeowners would be happy to discover extra space in their homes.

But the discovery can feel rather sinister and creepy, so next time you buy a house or move into a new property, make sure you know every nook and cranny.

Here are 10 examples of secret rooms people have found in their homes.

Secret Attic Room

A couple were rather surprised to discover a secret attic room in their home after they bought the house over the internet without viewing it in person first.

The 1,110 sq ft house in the Midwest, had a surprise in store for the young new owners and they decided to share it on TikTok. The clip can also be seen here.


When you buy a house without ever seeing it in person before, check for secret rooms I guess ??????

♬ original sound - Sissy Hankshaw

Raine, the 27-year-old new home owner, said: "Because of the pandemic, we bought this house on the internet without ever seeing it before. And when we finally saw it in person after two months of looking at it online, we realised that it had something very weird about it that we had not noticed from the 18 pictures we'd stared at for the last couple of months."

The room has windows at the side and at the front, with a sloping ceiling tall enough to stand in the middle.

Secret Passage


My house may or may not have a secret passage... and probably a few ghosts. #fypシ

♬ original sound - Lindsay Grummett

Another homeowner found a "secret passage" hidden behind a door in an 148-year-old house she had recently bought.

Lindsay Grummett shared the clip to TikTok, which can also be seen here, explaining the renovations of her new home, which she snapped up because of a wall of exposed brick.

"I basically bought it because I fell in love with that wall behind me. Amazing right? Don't judge I haven't decorated it yet."

In the clip, Lindsay films one side of a wall, which shows a vast bathroom, and the other side... a door that surprisingly does not lead to said bathroom.

She opens it, saying: "Check this out. There are some stairs that are blocked off in here. There's also some very retro stickers. I have no idea what's back there."

Tunnel System and Secret Room

A tenant, whose goes by JKay online, shared a series of videos to TikTok after finding spaces dotted around her rented 1950s property. The clip can also be seen here.

The tenant says in the clip that there are "things in my rental home which just don't make sense," and proceeds to show a little door at floor-level that leads to a crawl space that comes out in the ceiling of another room.

Small Room Beneath Hotel Floor

A small room hidden beneath the floor of a hotel had TikTok users in shock.

The hotel guest uses the text-to-speech function to explain how she found the small room. "I was on my hotel bed and I noticed a cutout in the floor," they said.

The video shows what appears to be a carpeted floor and a pair of hands lifting a wooden board from the opening, revealing a dark space beneath it. "There's a room under our floor," they added.

Secret Rooms Behind Bookshelf

In these TikTok clips, Freddy Goodall explores forgotten alcoves, alongside his friend, Matt.

The video starts with Freddy removing books from shelves lining the wall of a large room, before unscrewing a hidden hatch behind them.

The TikToker says in the clip: "This looks creepy, but I think we are going to go down there."

Creepy Old Photo in Hidden Room

Kam Mee, known online as Kammee0508, discovered a hidden room with plenty of mystery. "So this is when my husband and I found a room inside of our house."

The clip shows the demolished wall, leading into a dark room inside the property.

Kam Mee also posted a video of a photograph inside the hidden room and the house became even more sinister. The black and white image shows a child sitting in a toy car in front of a garage, with a headless man standing behind him in a white jacket.

Room Discovered 4 Years Later

A man discovered a secret "third room" in the house where he had been living for four years unaware of its existence.

The homeowner was standing in his backyard looking up at the house, when he noticed a small window on the second floor.

He shared a clip to TikTok captioned: "The scare I got when I discovered this third room."

Treasure Room at Castle

Singer Castle was built on Dark Island in 1896 by the president of the Singer Sewing Machine Company, Frederick Bourne.

The castle has so many secret rooms and passages that The New York Times dubbed it "The Castle of Mysteries" in 1905.

Among the many treasures, there is a hidden treasure room accessed by latch disguised as a coat hook and a secret passageway that leads to an sinister black-gated dungeon.

Secret Bathroom

A couple found a secret bathroom hidden behind a wall in their first home together in Oklahoma.

Mia Bug, says in the video that they were told the house had a boarded-up drain but there was no mention of the bathroom.

The pair filmed the moment they took down the wooden covering, and discover a walk-in shower. The clip can also be seen here.