'The Simpsons' Parody Joe Rogan in New Episode About Cancel Culture

The Simpsons has taken on cancel culture in its latest episode, with the long-running comedy also parodying Joe Rogan as part of the bit.

In the Season 33, Episode 14 episode titled "You Won't Believe What This Episode is About—Act Three Will Shock You!" Homer Simpson is canceled for an unwitting mistake and becomes a social pariah, in an exploration of this modern-day social occurrence.

"A series of unfortunate events make it look like Homer intentionally shut Santa's Little Helper in the car on a hot day, then get worse when he accidentally knocks Reverend Lovejoy out of the church window," the synopsis reads.

"Videos of the incidents go viral online and the world turns on Homer, only for a mysterious man named Theo to approach him with a radical offer to repair Homer's reputation."

While Rogan is not actually named in the episode, his likeness is clearly represented by a generic "Right Wing Podcast Host" character who welcomes Homer to share his story when nobody else will give him the time of day or risk being associated with someone who has been canceled.

The episode has not gone down well with critics so far with Screen Rant deeming it "a self-contradictory mess."

The Simpsons
Still from "The Simpsons" episode "You Won't Believe What This Episode is About - Act Three Will Shock You!” Twitter/Disney

The outlet also called the Rogan reference "a spoof that ended up backfiring" and said that the writers ended up portraying this "right-wing podcast host's" usual guests as "presumably equally well-meaning, harmless figures like Homer."

In reality, dozens of episodes of Rogan's podcast episodes have been pulled from Spotify due to controversial guests such as Alex Jones, with the show being at the center of a massive misinformation scandal in recent months.

Rogan is arguably the biggest podcaster in the world with an estimated 11 million listeners per episode.

His millions of fans may take umbrage with him being labeled as this generic "right-wing podcast host" as he has not committed himself to this ideology, despite his popularity among conservatives.

Rogan famously endorsed Bernie Sanders for president before ultimately voting for a Libertarian candidate in 2020, so his true ideology is not easily defined by a Simpsons' satire.

In contrast, Den of Geek has praised the episode as a "marvelous satire on the wired generation and mass-knee jerk reactions."

Newsweek has contacted Rogan's representatives for comment.

This episode on cancel culture comes just weeks after The Simpsons' showrunner Al Jean responded to viewers saying an earlier episode from 1998 predicted the Russia-Ukraine crisis.