Trevor Reed's Family Hasn't Heard From Him for Days, Say He's 'Out of Time'

The family of Trevor Reed, a former U.S. Marine imprisoned in Russia since 2019, said in a new statement that they have had no contact with him for nearly a week and are concerned about his treatment, urging President Joe Biden to secure his release because they believe he is "out of time."

"We believe there is a rapidly closing window for the Biden administration to bring our son home," Reed's parents said. "Our son is out of time. We are again calling for the White House to do whatever it takes to bring Trevor home."

They also said they have been unable to confirm whether he actually ended his recent hunger strike or if he has been transported to a medical facility, which Russian authorities have claimed happened in recent weeks.

In December, Reed was allegedly exposed to another prisoner with tuberculosis, and in February, the U.S. Embassy in Moscow reported that he had complained about not receiving treatment for symptoms of the disease, which his family has said recently is still a problem.

Reed has been in Russian custody since 2019, when he was arrested for allegedly assaulting police officers after a night out, accusations that Reed and his family have said repeatedly are unsubstantiated. They have claimed that a judge refused to hear evidence that would have showed Reed's innocence and in 2020 sentenced him to nine years in prison.

"The judge refused to hear any of the evidence, and they had already decided what they're going to do. They gave him the longest sentence for that charge in modern Russian history," his father, Joey Reed, told Newsweek in January. "No one was hurt or injured. We have video evidence and witnesses that prove beyond any doubt that he did nothing."

Earlier this week, Reed's family said he had been experiencing tuberculosis symptoms and that a hunger strike he started in protest of being placed in solitary confinement and not receiving adequate medical care had caused him to lose 7 pounds in less than a week. His family said he weighs about 136 pounds now compared to about 160 pounds before he left for Russia in 2019.

Last week, the Reed family was able to meet with Biden after protesting outside the White House, in a meeting that left them feeling "optimistic," according to CNN.

His parents told CNN that Reed was not being sufficiently treated for his tuberculosis symptoms and a separate injury, and he was placed in solitary confinement after he complained about being brought back to his cell from the medical facility where they claim he received inadequate treatment.

Russia's Federal Penitentiary Service said earlier this month that when Reed ended his hunger strike, he was taken to a medical facility, but Reed's family said Wednesday that they have not been able to confirm either of those details. They said the last contact with him was five days ago, when Trevor was allowed to call his girlfriend.

Reed is one of several Americans currently detained in Russia. Paul Whelan, a Marine who was convicted on espionage charges, and Brittney Griner, a WNBA player detained in February for allegedly having hashish oil vape cartridges while traveling through a Moscow airport, are also being detained in the country.

Update 4/6/22, 3:08 p.m. ET: This story has been updated with additional information.

Trevor Reed Russia Hunger Strike
Joey Reed and Paula Reed, the parents of Trevor Reed, said in a new statement they have not been able to contact him in days. Above, the Reeds demonstrate in Lafayette Park near the White House on March 30 in Washington, D.C. Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images