Twitter Addresses Concerns That Some Accounts Lost Followers After Musk Buy

After Elon Musk purchased Twitter for a whopping $44 billion, many of the social media site's users complained about seeing a drop in followers, which Twitter claims occurred as "organic" account closures.

Twitter said it has been monitoring the "recent fluctuations in follower counts" after the buyout. The website suggested that users are creating and deactivating accounts of their own accord.

"While we continue to take action on accounts that violate our spam policy which can affect follower counts, these fluctuations appear to largely be a result of an increase in new account creation and deactivation," Twitter said in a statement to USA Today.

Just about every Democratic lawmaker saw a decline in followers, according to a USA Today analysis of the Twitter followings of the official congressional accounts. Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, Adam Schiff, Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters and Bernie Sanders had the biggest losses.

Between Sunday and Tuesday, House Speaker Pelosi lost over 13,000 followers, Warren lost over 14,000 and Sanders lost nearly 19,000, according to data from social media analytics tracker SocialBlade.

"Looks like I've lost almost 1% of my followers since Elon Musk got the go-ahead to buy Twitter," said political analyst Cliston Brown. "I'm not going to lie—I think it's silly. An emotionally overwrought, knee-jerk reaction to something that ultimately isn't going to matter very much to any of them."

Twitter said it has been monitoring the "recent fluctuations in follower counts" after the buyout. Getty Images

On the right, GOP members actually gained followers. About 72 percent of Republican Twitter accounts gained thousands of followers. Republican lawmakers including Marjorie Taylor Greene, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Matt Gaetz and Kevin McCarthy had the biggest increases, USA Today reported.

"Seeing a lot of conservative accounts hitting new highs," said political commentator Mike Cernovich. "Definitely there was a cap or throttle on followers for certain accounts. This ain't normal. I've seen big days on Twitter. I live on this site. Never been anything like what's happening."

Between Sunday and Tuesday, Greene gained over 50,000 Twitter followers, Cruz gained over 53,000 and Matt Gaetz gained nearly 25,000, according to SocialBlade.

It's not only politicians seeing mass fluctuations in followers. A lot of celebrity accounts are also being affected.

"I don't think anything major is "going on" at Twitter. +/- 10,000s followers is a drop in the bucket given that major figures have millions of followers, and a major change in company ownership could easily trigger people joining, returning, leaving in protest," said Daily Wire editor Ian Haworth.

Twitter has not confirmed that Musk's purchase of the site has spurred a decrease or increase in users.

Newsweek reached out to Twitter for comment.